Thursday, March 13, 2008

Natural Fiber Dying, Part I

9:34 am - added 35" undyed playsilk to crockpot with 8 cups water, 2 cups vinegar. Turned on high. In a half hour or so, I plan to add 10 tbsp finely and freshly ground coffee.
10:00 am - added 10 tbsp coffee grounds. Stirred.
11:30 am - added 5 tbsp coffee grounds, sprinkled on top of parts of silk bubbling on top. Did not stir.
1 pm - turned off crockpot and removed lid. Will let cool to lukewarm and then wash in sink.
2pm - washed/rinsed.
2:26 - removed from rinse water, squeezed excess out, put in oven in glass dish and turned oven on to 350F.
2:36 - oven reached 350, turned oven off. Turned silk - must be pulled out in a couple minutes.
2:38 - removed silk from oven, opened up. Noticed interesting effects.
2:39 - retwisted and replaced (cool and still damp) into oven.
2:44 - removed from oven.

Conclusion - looks good, but there is a little spot that's heat damaged toward the center of the silk - next time I would heat the oven only to 250.


Blogger Charlotte said...

What a fun project! Yellow onion skins provide a beautiful yellow dye . And, red onions a lovely light green. A great site for natural dying is:

8:25 AM  

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