Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Socks update

So I frogged the 4 rows, then realized that there was really no need for me to be so literal with the pattern. BUT THEN . . . I looked at Pomatomus again and realized . . . it doesn't use K1P1 ribbing, it uses a k1tbl,p1 rib . . . arghhh. So I decided not to do it. I still want to at some point, but I'm not frogging my remaining 10 rows. So then I had to decide on a stitch pattern. DH really wants a pretty plain sock, preferably ribbed, but I really really didn't feel like K2P2 ribbing. I like the look of Fisherman's Rib (and the less monotonous nature of it), but wanted a wider rib, so I made up a cross between the Fisherman's Rib and K2P2 Ribbing.

This is my pattern for the socks:
Row 1: K2tbl,P2 across
Row 2: K2, P2tbl across

So far I've only got 4 rows of the pattern done, but I like the way it's looking.


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