Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nature Table, part I

Long story short - we've started a kind of preschool homeschool cooperative (last week was our first week), and our story last week was one from the Enki kindergarten curriculum Nature Tales called Old Maple. A tree-branch was used as the old maple prop, and because the Coop is at my house right now, Old Maple got left here.
So, I got to thinking . . . why not use Old Maple (not really from a maple tree, there aren't many of those around here) as our Eostre tree for our Nature Table/Seasonal Altar (which I sort of keep up a bit from time to time and really want to start making a priority)?
Niesha (my 2yo) and I mixed together some salt dough to hold her up in, and as soon as it dries, we can decorate the tree. I'll be asking the other Coop moms if they want to participate in "Nature Table" and, if so, we can all decorate the tree together next week.


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