Monday, July 31, 2006

Convertible, Socks, Slings and Bread

Saturday was cold and rainy, so I finally got some bread baked. Good thing, I'm getting sooooo sick of storebought bread (I do think that the local spelt buns and Silver Hills breads are very yummy, but home-baked is always tastier and, of course, cheaper). I managed to make 2 loaves of bread, a dozen buns and a dozen . . . um, make that one humungous "toddler bun" LOL. Katja was "helping", so I cut a loaf's worth of dough into 12 sections so she could make "buns". Apparently a 2.5 yo's idea of a dozen buns is one big smooshed together mass of dough. But we baked it up anyway, and it was "da-wishhhhh-us" . . . she was so proud :)

I also managed to get 4 (that's right, FOUR!!!) ring slings made. I'm not selling them any more but I have one overdue as a baby gift and want to have the others on hand for future gifts. Plus, I might decide to start selling again, so if I can build up an inventory, that would be great. But four in one day is a new record . . . Katja was such a high needs infant and young toddler (although, believe it or not I didn't realize she was high needs at the time) that there's no way in the world I could have done that when she was younger. Now she's becoming more and more independent, and Niesha's such a laid-back easygoing baby that my ability to get things done has skyrocketed! Also, I'm starting to eat better again, so my energy is returning.

The socks are going well. I'm over 2" in already on both socks and I am absolutely loving the double fisherman's rib look.

The wrap is also coming along nicely. It's 15.5" long already unblocked! Katja's been letting me knit while I tell her stories to put her to sleep at night :) I usually stay a bit after she's asleep to get just a couple more rows done ;)


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