Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A New Hat

The surest way to get me to finish a project through to the end is to tell me I should do something else ;) I should be working on socks. After all, that's the whole idea of a knitalong, right? To do what everyone else is doing at the same time? Well, they're coming along. They're about 4" in now. Convertible is coming along, too, slowly but surely.
My real motivator for making the hat? Sewingmamas Fall swap. I wanted to find something I could do easily, and knitting seems to be the thing I get done because I can take it anywhere. I think the hat value exceeds the swap value though.
Anyway, here are the pics . . . it's my own design :) The hat fits Niesha beautifully. It's too small for Katja, of course, but she wanted to try . . . I think she looks adorable in it anyway :D She's also doing this goofy thing now where she "winks" whenever you tell her to smile LOL


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