Monday, July 27, 2009

Label those mason jars!

One of the problems with storing leftovers in the fridge is often it's difficult to determine the exact contents and date of storage of various foods. Labelling the containers is the obvious solution to the problem. But labelling creates problems in and of itself. You have to make a point of finding and marking labels, sticking them on (but only if the food's not too hot or cold) , and then you have to remember to remove the label once the food has been eaten. The labels are rarely reused.

But wait!

I think I've found an easier solution!

I just took one of my kids' markers and wrote right on the glass! lt's visible, washable and I don't have to throw it away after!

Now, if I can just make sure I've always got a marker within my reach when I'm putting away the leftovers...

This is the greatest invention ever!

I am writing this entry with a pen. This is soooo much easier than typing!!

Part of the reason I have had a hard time blogging in the past is that I have always found typing to be somewhat tedious. I like the feeling of wielding a pen. My thoughts flow much more easily from my headthrough the pen than using a typing motion.

I am hoping that this new computer will allow me to form my thoughts and transfer them to electronic media much more easily. Look for more Journies in Homemaking soon as I figure out just how to make it work as a homeschooling, stay-at-homing, childbirth educating mom of at least three little ones!