Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So what's on YOUR needles?

I have 11(!) projects on the go right now. Actually, 12 if you count the fairy that asked me to free her through needle felting, but I'm letting her create herself ;D
1. Socks for dh. Paton's Kroy, Size 3 needles. Started ages ago, picked back up July 26. My own pattern. Active project.
2. Convertible as thank you for my midwife. Handmaiden Wool, Size ? needles. Started around July 20. Knitty Spring '06. Active project.
3. Felted pumpkins (5) for Sewingmamas fall swap. Lion Brand Fisherman's wool, koolaid dyed, Size 10.5 needles. Started around Aug.11. Started out using Pumpkins from Fall '05 Knitty but wound up changing so much of it I think I can safely call it my own pattern. Active project. Just need to be stuffed and sewn up.
4. Stripy Longies for Katja. Alafoss Lopi, Size ? needles (note to self, check ringbound lopi patt book). Started last December. My own pattern. Inactive project.
5. Dad's sweater. Mission Falls 1824 Wool, Size 9 needles. Started December 2004. Pattern from Knitting in the Old Way. Inactive project, 1.5 years overdue.
6. Ottobre soaker for Niesha. Briggs&Little Roving, Sizes 8 and 10.5 needles. Started last night (Aug. 28). Ottobre free pattern. Active project.
7. Beaded crocheted headband for Niesha. Living Skies Alpaca, 2 ply, Size of hook unknown (garage sale hook, marked "2 Boye 2") Started August 28. My own pattern. Active project.
8. Washcloth. Recycled cotton from stash, don't remember brand, Size 7 needles. Started Aug. 20. This one's actually done, but I decided I don't really need a washcloth, so I may extend it into a bag. Pattern from http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/clothflower.htm
9. Headband. Paton's Classic Wool, Size 4.5mm hook. Started Aug. 23. Pattern from Fall '06 KnitScene, #2, Flores. Active project.
10. Katja's Waldorf Doll. Started January 2006. She was playing with her bald, but I finally decided to add hair. She's been hiding with a needle in her head for a month (whoops!). Soon to become an active project.
11. Crocheted Bag. Started December 2005. Bernat Crafter's cotton. Size ? Hook. Pattern from Pingouin magazine. Inactive Project.
12. Needle-felted fairy. Started Aug. 28. Active project.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A New Hat

The surest way to get me to finish a project through to the end is to tell me I should do something else ;) I should be working on socks. After all, that's the whole idea of a knitalong, right? To do what everyone else is doing at the same time? Well, they're coming along. They're about 4" in now. Convertible is coming along, too, slowly but surely.
My real motivator for making the hat? Sewingmamas Fall swap. I wanted to find something I could do easily, and knitting seems to be the thing I get done because I can take it anywhere. I think the hat value exceeds the swap value though.
Anyway, here are the pics . . . it's my own design :) The hat fits Niesha beautifully. It's too small for Katja, of course, but she wanted to try . . . I think she looks adorable in it anyway :D She's also doing this goofy thing now where she "winks" whenever you tell her to smile LOL